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Tree Nursery

Conifer and Native Broadleaf

Similar to previous generations, where Estate tree nurseries were based in woodlands, we have set up our tree nursery in our own a 40acre woodland growing cell based conifer and native broadleaf tree saplings. The environment is where the trees will ultimately get planted and are woodland ready. We are conscientious of tree miles being more than just the carbon required to process timber under active management to the end customer but recognise our part from seed collection to planting.

The philosophy and emphasis is not just growing quality plants to exacting standards (FRM, Plant Heathy and UKISG) but doing it to reduce carbon and plastic use in the growing, transport and planting process. We are currently the only UK nursery to utilise the Ellepot paper growing cells with our own blend growing medium that is free of peat and sythetic fertiliser.

If you are looking for a nursery to meet your species needs, quantities and provenance for the forthcoming year please get in contact to find out how we can help.

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